Our Mission

italian boys praying


Our long term vision is to see lives transformed by the Gospel and the people of Italy worshiping God together in healthy, reproducing churches. We will be intentional about living relationally among our Italian friends and neighbors and discipling people one-on-one, investing time in individuals and families. To do this, we must be fluent with the Italian language. Therefore, our first 2 years will be devoted to language training. This will equip us to effectively communicate with the Italian people, build relationships, and share the Gospel.

Trieste harbor

Trieste Harbor


We will be studying the language and culture in the North-Eastern city of Trieste, Italy. Trieste is an important port city of about 210,000 in the very northeastern region of Italy. It borders Slovenia and Croatia to the West and South. 

For more information about Trieste, check out our About Trieste blog post!

Italians worshipping


Long term, our goal is to equip believers to become leaders. Leaders in their homes, their churches, and their communities. We plan to do this through a number of different ways

  1. Prayer. Please join us in praying for God to raise up strong Christian leaders in Italy. There is an infinite number of things we can do to equip people, but only God can truly change hearts and build his church.
  2. Discipleship. We will be investing in relationships to intentionally come alongside believers and encourage them. This will include Bible studies and building communities of believers to work together towards a common goal.
  3. Music. The current state of worship music is severely lacking in Italy. Italians have very little access to good, Gospel-centered music. Currently, most of the music is translated from english worship songs. Unfortunately, songs don’t always translate well. We want to facilitate a revival of worship culture in Italy by encouraging Italian believers to write their own worship music. Using Tyler’s background in music technology, we hope to record and distribute music to Christians all over Italy, to encourage and edify the believers there.
  4. Media. Another way we hope to use Tyler’s tech background is by partnering with existing leaders and churches within the Italian Christian community to create video and audio resources. These will range from recording conferences or other events, to creating leadership-specific resources.