About Team Missions


About TEAM Missions

We have partnered with The Evangelical Alliance Mission. TEAM is a non-denominational missions agency that partners with the local church to send missionaries and establish reproducing churches among the nations, going where the most people have the most need and proclaiming the gospel in both word and action. 2015 marked their 125th anniversary!

TEAM was founded in 1890 as a result of Fredrik Franson answering Hudson Taylor’s call to send 1,000 missionaries to China. Franson was a well known evangelist at the time. He had been commissioned as a missionary and was serving in Europe when Hudson made his plea. Franson felt called to train and send 100 missionaries to China. This was the beginning of his journey to establish six missions agencies throughout Europe. All of these are still functioning and sending out missionaries today.

Today, more than 575 missionaries and staff serve in more than 35 countries.

For more information about TEAM, visit team.org.



TEAM has had a presence in Italy since 1981. They currently have 9 ministry initiatives spanning across 7 different cities in the northeastern regions of Italy. Currently TEAM Italy has over 30 missionaries on the field, with more on the way!

There were two key ministry principles that really resonated with us about TEAM. The first is their efforts to serve Italy in a unified way with other missionaries and agencies already on the field. They acknowledge that the Gospel will be more effective in Italy if Christians work together for the glory of God. This teamwork also exemplifies the unity of the body of Christ.

The second principle drawing us to TEAM is their willingness to take on social initiatives, demonstrating the love of Christ by investing in the lives of people in their communities. Some of their initiatives include outreach to prostitutes and women caught in sex trafficking, as well as prison ministry.

For more information about TEAM:Italy, visit italy.team.org.